Groupe Hammami


SODIMAC is specialized in the sale of the health, quality choices to enhance comfort and habitat.

Comptoir Hammami

Comptoir Hammami, company selling building materials and formwork solutions currently works for the placing on the market solutions that meet the needs of security, quality and competitiveness, with priority: the value for the customer.


SOFAP is a company specialized in manufacturing & selling expenses mainly mineral powder calcium carbonate caco3, chalk white coloring oxide, wall plaster, plaster, decorative plaster, talc, fillers oil drilling mud …


The SIPS company has been able in 10 years become a key player in the plaster market in Tunisia but also in the international market.

Carrelage Hammami

Hammami tiling or SOFCASUD “southern tile manufacturing company” specializing in the manufacture of mosaic tiles, marble slabs and river stones and tile pavements. It has been operating since 1980.

Sit Hammamet

For over 15 years we were the veterans in the field of real estate.
We design and build high residential and commercial use products ranges: apartments, offices and shops.