satisfaction clients

01. What showroom:
02. how our showroom was recommended to you:
03. Home quality:
04. Quality of advice and guidance:
05. Quality of exposure (how the exhibition was a factor that facilitates the choice):
06. Psychological comfort during the visit:
07. Have you done shopping ?
Is what you could find all the items that you need to finish your project?
for explanation choose between:
for explanation choose between:
08. You have been delivered ?
How did you find:
09. You have installed the items ordered with us ?
How did it go?
If you needed to go back to the consultant for technical details, how was his performance:
How do you think the final result:
10. You served a claim ?
it relates
How do you judge the processing of the claim:
Will you recommend our showroom to others or yourself come back to see us for other purchases ?
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